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An amazing opportunity

2019 is a year full of World Cups - from the Men’s Cricket World Cup starting in May to the Rugby World Cup finishing in November - all sandwiching the Netball World Cup being held in Liverpool and the FIFA Women's World Cup in France over the summer months.

These events can provide amazing opportunities to reach sports people in your local area through putting on events like a sports quiz, a 5-a-side tournament or showing some of the matches on a big screen.

We have a selection of resources available for you to use in your sports club, church or school.


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A brand new short film created especially to show at your event or share on social media - 'The Greatest Event in the World' looks at the wonder of the World Cup and compares it to what is an even greater story - that of Jesus' life, death and resurrection.

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THE World Cup QUIZ

A brand new quiz designed especially for the World Cup 2018. It has football and tournament specific rounds in the usual multimedia style as well as including a selection of interactive rounds you can try out at your next event!



World Cup themed assemblies and lunch club material have been produced in collaboration with Scripture Union to use in the lead up to the tournament.



We have all the information you need about running your own Fan Zone. Scripture Union have produced a fantastic guide to help you think through everything you need to do to help engage your local area around the World Cup.

The World Cup pack comes bundled in with the full Sports Mission Pack and can be downloaded by filling in the form found on the download page.


If you are looking for more resources for use around the World Cup aimed at younger children (Ages 8-13) then head to where you can download Scripture Union's great new pack.