Pray, play, say – together!

Over 10 million people in the UK play sport in a club or team each week  – it’s a massive mission field. Here are some resources to help your church pray for the world of sport and continue to share life and the gospel with sportspeople outside of bigger events.

What's in the download?

*NEW* How to pray for the world of sport in your church
A simple one-page guide with some ideas about what it would look like to regularly pray for the sports world around you.


*NEW* How to cast vision in your church to reach the world of sport
A short booklet helping unpack how you could go about casting vision and helping people understand the great need to reach the sporting world around your church.


Host your own dialogue-dinner
A dialogue-dinner is merely an event where you invite your sports friends for some food and to share your testimony and answer any questions your friends might have. This guide helps you think through how to invite people and what questions people may ask you.


 How can I talk to my sports friends about Jesus?
This guide helps you think about how to go about having those initial conversations with your friends. It also then looks about reading the Bible with your friends and how to begin doing that.